Technical Mentor (Paragon)

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 


Hello there and welcome!  

You being interested in this position with us means you’re interested in joining a mature team of professionals who challenge and inspire each other. 

We’re all about team play, having each other’s back, sharing knowledge, raising above our egos, no micromanagement, full transparency, and creating great software together. 

Mistral’s crown values People First”, “Culture of Trust” and “Passion for Growth” are key drivers for all company decisions and actions, ensuring you are always heard, valued, and encouraged to keep growing. We have our crew’s best interests at heart.  

We are currently looking to expand our team with a new member for Paragon.

Technical Mentor (Paragon) 


Why is this role important? 

Mistral strongly believes in education and reinventing the way you can learn about software development. For that reason, we started a modern IT training program designed for beginners who will become Junior Full Stack Software Developers. Paragon is an innovative training program that aims to train a new generation of full stack Developers who can join one of the highest growing industries of the world and help enhance the digital future.  

A Technical Mentor is an essential role for enabling all Paragon attendees to reach their learning goals in the fastest and most productive way. Mentors are responsible for designing and supporting the educational plan, reviewing code delivered by the participants of Paragon and providing feedback to speed up their growth and development. They are the key ingredient to Paragon’s success. By taking this role you would be employed in Mistral but working exclusively with the Paragon team. The mentors do not have to be subject matter experts but they have to be lifelong learners with passion for teaching and instilling skills into their students, i.e. their focus is on knowledge transfer skills.


As a Technical Mentor in Paragon, you will

  • Define objectives of learning based on the overall Paragon strategy for the specific cycle  
  • Select and develop the activities, resources, and materials to engage learners and correspond to the specific lesson objectives 
  • Provide feedback on learners performance 
  • Foresee problems that may arise during the lesson, and plan how to respond to these  
  • Continuously assess and checks learners' understanding 
  • Improve and develop valid and relevant grading/assessment procedures 
  • Adjust the projects requirements to support learning  
  • Monitor learner engagement in order to maintain motivation  


To be successful in this role you need: 

  • MERN stack knowledge required; other programming languages and desire to learn encouraged 
  • Passion for teaching coding as about Full Stack development itself
  • Focus on practice-oriented, project-based learning model and understand the difference between teaching and mentoring 
  • Start-up mentality and the desire to see your students succeed 
  • Adaptability to a dynamic work environment 
  • Patience and empathy for students 
  • A problem-solving and positive attitude 
  • Strong leadership and teamwork skills 
  • Very good English and communication skills 

Mistral Headquarters: Sarajevo (dev center) 

Other dev centers: Mostar, Banja Luka coming soon 

Business development centers: Atlanta, New York (US), Amsterdam (NL) 

Mistralovci can work from any of our offices full time or occasionally, as they please. We support every mode of work that suits our community members best.  


Core values and principles  

We nurture a Culture of Trust, so we expect Mistralovci to be transparent and speak up. We believe in taking ownership, providing constructive feedback, and driving change while inspiring others to do the same. There is no micromanagement. Our teams have the creative freedom to approach problems in their own unique way. Because of that, our people feel much appreciated for their ideas and are highly engaged with what they do. 

Passion for Growth is strong in Mistral. Round-the-clock professional development plays a significant role in our everyday lives because being up to speed with the latest tech trends is essential in our work. Mistral’s entire organizational model is entirely shaped to enable growth, both professional and personal, and to provide the optimal work-life balance. 

We put People First by appointing a dedicated person from our Human Potential department to each team, and a well-being counselor, and an English and Communication skills coach for everyone. In addition, Mistral supports each individual to become the best version of themselves through personalized development plans and frequent check-ins.  

More about our values in this VIDEO by our CEO


What our employees love about Mistral 

  • An environment where you’re highly valued and appreciated 
  • BIG on trust, autonomy, and accountability 
  • 30+ global projects that are very challenging, making our everyday highly dynamic 
  • In-house 1-on-1 English and Communication skills coach and a well-being therapist 
  • Gym benefits: 50% monthly gym membership fee refund 
  • Parking benefits: 50% monthly parking costs refund  
  • Practice Groups: Learn new things from your Mistral mates  
  • Tinker Box: Take a technical vacation as a break from your project to learn something new 
  • Support for attendance on any relevant conference or training 
  • Full access to online learning platforms (we like Udemy the most)

… and much more! 


Don’t forget to check out our NEWS section or YouTubeFacebookLinkedin, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for fresh Mistral updates


For any additional questions, feel free to write to us in the application form, and we will get back to you. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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