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We are honored you are considering joining our team!

Send us your application, highlighting your expertise and interests and we will add you to our talent pool. When we have an opening that matches your profile, we'll be happy to let you know. Our doors are always open for IT enthusiasts.

Mistral gathers 200+ people who are in love with technology. Majority of our team members work in Software Development, Quality Assurance, Data Science, UX/UI and IT Operations fields and they make up more than 88% of our company.

Together with the Project Management Team they focus on delivering high quality solutions to our clients while being supported by Human Potential, Office Admin and Marketing & Communications teams.  

So, here is what you need to know about us to check if you feel we would be the right match: 

  • We put People First by focusing on enabling and supporting each individual to become the best version of themselves. So, you need to be ready to commit from your side as well: continuously learn and be curious is our mantra. 

  • We cherish Culture of Trust so we expect Mistralovci to be transparent and speak up. We believe in taking ownership, providing constructive feedback and driving change while inspiring others to do the same. Do you see yourself in such a team? 

  • We are trained to embrace the gray area. Agile mindset is not only about SCRUM in Mistral but rather about being adaptable and flexible. 

  • Showing respectf towards each individual and their opinion, ideas and problems is our imperativ. Acting in an opposite way is a deal breaker for us.

 Does this sound like you? 

If so, go ahead and introduce yourself! Share your story and tell us what drives you. We are always chasing excellence and we love meeting others who are on the same path so that we can bounce ideas, share knowledge and experience and maybe even become a part of the same team. 

Details of any previous work, portfolios, open source projects and repositories are highly regarded. 

Some facts you should know about Mistral

Headquarters: Sarajevo (dev center)
Other offices: Mostar (dev center), Atlanta, Amsterdam (business development centers)

We’re doing what we’re best at since 2010; developing customized end to end software solutions; including design implementation and support. Each member of our carefully selected team is very proactive and passionate about their work, a quality that is mandatory to join our team.

Our substantial experience comes from working in the telecommunications, banking, healthcare, insurance, media and entertainment, retail, distribution, trade, education and automotive industry for over ten years. You can find more details about some of our projects on our website.

No micromanagement. Our teams have the creative freedom to approach problems in their own, unique way. Because of that, our people feel much appreciated for their ideas and are highly engaged with what they do.

Round-the-clock professional development plays a significant role in our everyday lives because being up to speed with the latest tech trends is essential at Mistral. Our whole organizational model is entirely shaped to enable growth, both professional and personal and to provide the optimal work-life balance.

What our employees love about Mistral

  • An environment where you’re highly valued and appreciated

  • We’re BIG on trust, autonomy and accountability

  • Our global projects are very challenging, making our everyday super-dynamic

  • We have an in-house 1on1 English coach and a therapist

  • Gym benefits: One of Mistral’s core values is being healthy. To assist you in achieving your fitness goals, Mistral refunds 50% of your monthly gym membership fee

  • Parking benefits: 50% refund of your monthly parking costs

  • Sports activities: Join in the fun of playing different sports activities with your teammates

  • Watch & Learn sessions: Learn new things from your Mistral mates 

  • Tinker Box: This is a technical vacation, time for you to be away from the project and develop your ideas that are relevant for the company and grow professionally in any way you wish

  • Specific technology practice groups; spend time and share experiences with like-minded professionals from other in-house projects

  • Support for attendance on any relevant conference or training

  • Full access to online learning platforms (we like Udemy the most)

    … and much more which you can check out on our PERKS page.


For any additional questions, feel free to write to us in the application form and we will get back to you. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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