Graphic Designer

Sarajevo or Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Location: Sarajevo or Mostar

Hello Graphic Designer,

Do you value above everything a transparent working environment, focused on your personal growth, where you can always become a better version of yourself?

Do you believe that focus on People and Trust are the key elements to a successful and Growing organization?

If you answered these questions with a “Yes”, it's your lucky day! Scroll down to learn more about an open opportunity in Mistral, a company where we actually live these values (People First, Culture of Trust, Passion for Growth).

We are looking to expand our team of highly skilled professionals with another.

Graphic Designer

What makes this role important in Mistral?

Conveying the right brand image that vividly showcases our culture and work wouldn’t be possible without the support of graphic designers. No matter how great the company, concept or content, without the right and appealing visual representation - it all falls short. People are visual beings, so we strive to graphically present (almost) everything that comes from under our roof.

In this role, using your knowledge and experience, you will contribute directly to building our brand's authority through powerful visuals for diverse audiences (employees, local community, existing and potential clients).

As a Graphic Designer in Mistral you will:

  • Create eye catchy key visuals for our main brands Maestral and Mistral, and occasionally for our other brands Paragon and Gigi School of Coding
  • Design promotion and campaign visuals (both digital and print)
  • Create presentations, brochures, infographics, and other graphic solutions necessary for internal community and business development efforts
  • Come up with creative solutions for social media representation
  • Help create our website better (mockup creation)
  • Help out other departments with various templates, reports, newsletters and documents design

As a passionate creative professional, you should be:

  • Able to find and propose creative solutions in a relatively short amount of time, and produce awesome designs without relying entirely on Shutterstock and Dribbble;
  • Receptive to feedback, as all your work will be done in collaboration with different team members and will often need approval from one or multiple stakeholders;
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends, you will be expected to propose fresh ideas on how we can spice-up our visual representation;
  • Vigorous about details - consistency and alignments matter. A lot. But that’s basic, right? We also rely on our designers to help us notice and fix the “small things”. For example: if a content writer forgets to provide a key detail for the visual (it can be a date or time of some event let’s say) we expect you to ask for it because the visual will not be complete without it. It’s all about teamwork.
  • Curious and proactive by nature - thinking ahead, trying out new things, finding ways to recycle old photos or videos in a fresh way, finding ways to reuse elements without being boring, initializing updates for outdated design, sharing creative ideas with the team, experimenting with multimedia... These are just some of the behaviors we appreciate and nourish in the team. If this sounds like you - we’re super excited to meet you!

To be fully successful in this role you:

  • Have 3+ years of experience in graphic design
  • Have a strong design portfolio showcasing personal work
  • Have a good understanding of the English language (written and spoken)
  • Are in a happy relationship with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and are familiar with XD or Sketch, and Figma
  • Enjoy creating and experimenting in Adobe After Effects
  • Have proven ability to produce design works from concept to delivery
  • Have an eye for digital design, typography and color
  • Are self organized and tidy with your files
  • Enjoy challenges and problem solving
  • Are comfortable with deadlines and priority shifts
  • Have the ability to maintain the visual aesthetic our brands while adding own flavor
  • Always prepare rough drafts and present ideas before spending x time on finalizing it
  • Are comfortable to work with copywriters to produce final design
  • Will preferably have marketing agency experience

Candidates with at least two of the following traits will have a significant advantage in the selection process:

  • Knowledge of video editing and motion design
  • Passion for photography (taking photos, editing, retouching)
  • IT literacy; front-end, IoT, ML, AI, JavaScript don’t sound like alien words to you
  • Good Wordpress skills: knowing the possibilities, limitations and tricks of this wonderful CMS we use for all our websites


Headquarters: Sarajevo (dev center)

Other offices: Mostar (dev center), Atlanta, Amsterdam, New York (business development centers)

We’re doing what we’re best at since 2010; developing customized end to end software solutions; including design implementation and support. Each member of our carefully selected team is very proactive and passionate about their work, a quality that is mandatory to join our team.

Our teams have the creative freedom to approach problems in their own, unique way. Because of that, our people feel much appreciated for their ideas and are highly engaged with what they do.

Round-the-clock professional development plays a significant role in our everyday lives because being up to speed with the latest tech trends is essential at Mistral. Our whole organizational model is entirely shaped to enable growth, both professional and personal and to provide the optimal work-life balance.

In short, Mistral:

Values Authenticity

Cultivates Trust

Provides Opportunities

Cherishes People

In order for everyone to be aligned with Mistral philosophy as a workplace, Mistral expects you to be:






  • An environment where you’re highly valued and appreciated
  • We’re BIG on trust, autonomy and accountability
  • Our global projects are very challenging, making our everyday super-dynamic
  • We have an in-house 1on1 English coach and a therapists
  • Gym benefits: One of Mistral’s core values is being healthy. To assist you in achieving your fitness goals, Mistral refunds 50% of your monthly gym membership fee
  • Parking benefits: 50% refund of your monthly parking costs
  • Sports activities: Join in the fun of playing different sports activities with your teammates
  • Watch & Learn sessions: Learn new things from your Mistral mates while having a snack together
  • Tinker Box: This is a technical vacation, time for you to be away from the project and develop your ideas that are relevant for the company and grow professionally in any way you wish
  • Specific internal learning practice groups; spend time and share experiences with like-minded professionals from other in-house projects
  • Support for attendance on any relevant conference or training
  • Full access to online learning platforms (we like Udemy the most)

… and much more.

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