Graphic Designer

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hello there and welcome! 

You being interested in this position with us means you’re interested in joining a mature team of professionals who challenge and inspire each other.

We’re all about team play, having each other’s back, sharing knowledge, raising above our egos, no micromanagement, complete transparency, and creating great software together.

Mistral’s crown values “People First”, “Culture of Trust” and “Passion for Growth” are key drivers for all company decisions and actions, ensuring you are always heard, valued, and encouraged to keep growing. We have our crew’s best interests at heart.

We are currently looking to expand our team with the new, exciting role of…

Graphic Designer

What makes this role important in Mistral?

Conveying the right brand image that vividly showcases our culture and work wouldn’t be possible without the support of graphic designers. No matter how great the company, concept, or content, without the right and appealing visual representation - it all falls short. People are visual beings, so we strive to graphically present (almost) everything that comes from under our roof.

In this role, using your knowledge and experience, you will contribute directly to building our brand's authority through powerful visuals for diverse audiences (employees, local community, existing and potential clients).

As a Graphic Designer in Mistral you will:

  • Create eye-catchy key visuals for our main brands Maestral and Mistral, and occasionally for our other brands Paragon and Gigi School of Coding
  • Design promotion and campaign visuals (both digital and print)
  • Create presentations, brochures, infographics, and other graphic solutions necessary for the internal community and business development team
  • Come up with creative solutions for social media representation
  • Design various weekly, monthly, or quarterly Newsletters
  • Help create our websites better (mockup creation)
  • Help other departments with various templates, reports, and document design

As a passionate, creative professional, you should be:

  • Able to find and propose creative solutions in a relatively short amount of time, and produce great designs without relying entirely on Shutterstock, Envato, or Dribbble;
  • Receptive to feedback, as all your work will be done in collaboration with different team members and will often need approval from one or multiple stakeholders;
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends, and propose fresh ideas on how we can spice up our visual representation;
  • Vigorous about details - consistency and alignments matter. A lot. But that’s basic, right? We also rely on our designers to help us notice and fix the “small things”. For example: if a content writer forgets to provide an essential detail for the visual (it can be a date or time of some event, let’s say), we expect you to ask for it because the visual will not be complete without it. It’s all about teamwork.
  • Curious and proactive by nature - thinking ahead, trying out new things, finding ways to recycle old photos or videos in a fresh way, finding ways to reuse elements without being boring, initializing updates for outdated design, sharing creative ideas with the team, experimenting with multimedia...These are just some of the behaviors we nourish in the team. If this sounds like you - we’re super excited to meet you!

To be entirely successful in this role you:

  • Have 3+ years of experience in graphic design
  • Have a strong design portfolio showcasing personal work
  • Have a good understanding of the English language
  • Are in a happy relationship with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and are familiar with XD or Sketch, or Figma
  • Enjoy experimenting in Adobe After Effects
  • Have proven ability to produce design works from concept to delivery
  • Have an eye for digital design, typography, and color
  • Are self-organized and tidy with your files
  • Enjoy design challenges and problem-solving
  • Are comfortable with deadlines and priority shifts
  • Have the ability to maintain the visual aesthetic of our brands while adding our own flavor
  • Always prepare rough drafts and present ideas before spending x time on finalizing it
  • Are comfortable working with copywriters to produce the final design


Candidates who fulfill at least two of the following requirements will have a significant advantage in the selection process:

  • Experience of working in marketing agencies
  • Knowledge of video editing and motion design
  • Passion for photography (taking photos, editing, retouching)
  • IT literacy; front-end, IoT, ML, JS don’t sound like alien words to you
  • Good WordPress skills: knowing the possibilities, limitations, and tricks of this wonderful CMS we use for all our websites

Here is what you need to know about us to determine if we are the right match for you: 

Mistral gathers 200+ people who are in a happy relationship with technology. The majority of our team members work in software development, quality assurance, data science, UX/UI design, and IT operations fields, and they make up more than 88% of our company.

Together with the project management team, they focus on delivering high-quality software solutions to our clients while supported by Human Potential, Admin Office, and Marketing & Communications departments.  

Our substantial experience comes from working in the telecommunications, banking, healthcare, insurance, media and entertainment, retail, distribution, trade, education, and automotive industry.

Mistral Headquarters: Sarajevo (dev center)
Other dev centers: Mostar, Banja Luka coming soon
Business development centers: Atlanta, New York (US), Amsterdam (NL)

Mistralovci can work from any of our offices full time or occasionally, as they please. We support every mode of work that suits our community members best.

What our employees love about Mistral

  • An environment where you’re highly valued and appreciated
  • BIG on trust, autonomy, and accountability
  • 30+ global projects that are very challenging, making our everyday highly dynamic
  • In-house 1on1 English and Communication skills coach and a well-being therapist
  • Gym benefits: 50% monthly gym membership fee refund
  • Parking benefits: 50% monthly parking costs refund 
  • Practice Groups: Learn new things from your Mistral mates 
  • Tinker Box: Take a technical vacation as a break from your project to learn something new
  • Support for attendance on any relevant conference or training
  • Full access to online learning platforms (we like Udemy the most)

… and much more!


Don’t forget to check out our NEWS section or YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for fresh Mistral updates.

For any additional questions, feel free to write to us in the application form, and we will get back to you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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